Liability Insurance


Liability insurance protects the club and its members and association officials from financial loss due to unforeseen incidents that may develop into litigation against members and organizations. No matter how careful an organization is in regards to safety at their general meeting, show, bus trip, workshop, demonstrations, or any kind of activities, accidents may happen.

General Liability Insurance

Golden State Bonsai Federation offers your club a low rate affordable General liability Insurance, which protects your club against the unexpected? This is one of the many advantages which you receive by being a member of GSBF. The 2016 premium for General Liability Coverage is $140 for clubs which they have 50 members or less and for clubs more than fifty members is $2.80 per member.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

As you may know, there exist the potential of personal liability against directors, officers, employees, and volunteers of your organization for activities, responsibilities and decisions associated with your club.

In addition to General Liability Insurance, GSBF also offers a Club Directors and Officers liability Coverage. Unlike General liability Insurance, Club Directors and Officers liability Coverage provides protection for your personal assets in the event you are held personally liable for any wrongful act, error or omission in your capacity as a director, officer, and employee or volunteer, our coverage limit for both General Liability and Directors & Officers are three Million dollars each.

The 2016 premium for Directors & Officers Coverage is $250 for each GSBF member club.

Volunteer Accident Insurance

General Liability and Directors & Officers Liability are just liability coverage it means protecting us against others, and we as a member or volunteer have no coverage if anything accidentally happens to us.

We have to protect our organization, members and volunteers from the financial consequences of accidental injuries.

Volunteer Accident Insurance Program is designed to provide insurance protection for all of our members and volunteers while performing supervised and sponsored volunteer activities, whether on the club premises or at another location, the premium is $100 for clubs which they have 50 members or less and for clubs more than fifty members is $2.00 per member.

Clubs wishing to procure General Liability Coverage, Directors & Officers, and/or Volunteer Accident Coverage for 2015should pay their GSBF membership dues ($40) send to Nathan Simmons GSBF Membership Chair “2124 Madison Ave. Altadena CA 91001”and fill out separate application for each coverage and mail along with their payments to Abe Far. The actual premium charge has been received from the Underwriters, but if there are any changes in the premium charge, you will be informed.

Club requiring “Additional Insured Certificates” should complete the attached form for each certificate and mail along with the $35 payment for each certificate requested. If additional Certificates are required, you may copy the form.

Issuing certificate is a time consuming process, and it is impossible to issue a certificate without Underwriter review, please plan ahead and send your request at least four weeks prior to your show or any events which requires certificate of insurance.

Postmark deadline for submission of your 2016 insurance applications is March 1, 2016. Late applications will require an additional $45 fee. (Note: All forms and payments should be forwarded through your GSBF Insurance Chair Abe Far and not to Insurance Company)

For questions, please contact Abe Far, GSBF Insurance Chairman, at 619-234-3434 or email

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