2019 GSBF Convention Vendors


The 2019 GSBF convention is being held this year from October 24th – 27th, 2019 at the New Riverside Convention Center, 3637 Fifth Street, Riverside, Ca. 92051. I hope you will join us for what we believe will be an exciting and well attended event. The Convention chairman Steve Valentine & David Nguy, along with other volunteers, have worked hard to put together a new and different style of convention which will feature interesting twists on traditional programs and activities. Participants include, Taiga Urushibata, Enrique Castano, Ryan Bell and of course, Kathy Shaner. You can read more about it on the GSBF website at gsbf-bonsai.org., and please don’t forget to “like” the convention page on Facebook!

Our vendor area will be in Exhibit Hall C & D. You can view a diagram of the area on the Riverside Convention Center website. It is a well-placed large room next to the raffle and banquet areas. The Vendor area will be locked at the close of each day’s vending.

GSBF will be requiring a license or permit for anyone selling plants from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. All vendors must have a resale number in the state of California issued by the Board of Equalization. If you are bringing in plants from another state, please make sure you are in compliance with California.

Enclosed is an application form. Our table rate will be very reasonable this year, $130.00 per 6 foot table. Returning vendors will be given apriority until July 31, 2019, at which time we will accept new vendors in the order their applications are received. Our priority is to have as many vendors and as much variety as we can for the benefit of convention goers therefore many of you will possibly receive fewer tables than you initially requested.

We will be sending out acceptance letters with information about access, parking, setup times and so forth, shortly after the July 31, deadline. If you have urgent issues, such as needing to make travel planes, etc. Contact us by email caryme2@yahoo.com however, we cannot assure anyone a space before receiving your application and check.

Please refer to the GSBF-bonsai.org website for information and updates on the convention schedule and hotel information. Also, please email me asap if you know of someone who would like to be a vendor.


Frank Yee Frank's bonsai

David Knittle knittle studio

Barry Alshule legacy cork oaks

Ed Clark round valley nursery

Chris and Lisa Kirk telterion farms

June and David Nguy west America trading co.

Scott Chadd - Lotus Bonsai

Zack & Bob Shimon - Mendocino Coast

American Bonsai

Mel Ikeda

Tak Shimazu

Nathan Simmons - Bonsai by Nate

Jim Gremel - Deer Meadow Bonsai

Lindsay Shiba

Kora Dalager

PFM Bonsai

Frank Mihalic - Frank Costume Jewelry

Travis Goldstein - Calif.Bonsai Studio

Gary Ishii - Chikugo-En Bonsai Nursery

Gary Lai

Dave Paris

Cindy Read

David Goscinski - Shohin Bonsai Guy

Special thanks to Eastern Leaf, Jason Chan and American Bonsai Collen Mariacher for sponsoring GSBF convention goodie bags.