GSBF, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) educational organization which provides services and activities promoting the wonderful art of bonsai. GSBF is made up of member clubs in California and affiliate clubs in the adjoining States.

Its Annual Convention gives “bonsai people” an opportunity to watch bonsai masters at work; to participate in hands-on instructor led workshops; to shop for plants, tools, pots, and other materials at the bazaar; compete in various contests, and to share in the friendly companionship of other bonsai enthusiasts.

Golden State Bonsai Federation President Mario Rendina’s

Call for Volunteers

Golden State Bonsai Federation is fortunate to have many dedicated members who are devoted to share and spread their love of the bonsai art form. Please read President Mario Rendina’s call for volunteers to help our organization meet the challenges it now faces.

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2021 GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous

Bonsai Rendezvous is finally Returning!

Due to the pandemic and the associated challenges of the past 17 months, GSBF has chosen to give “Bonsai Rendezvous” in Santa Nella, October 2 & 3, 2021, a different look than prior bonsai gatherings.

The bonsai community like everyone else was impacted by the pandemic. Our activities traditionally take place during club meetings and at special events open to the public. Because these activities have been put on hold many believe there is a ‘pent up’ demand within the bonsai community for a chance to get together and share our common experiences and knowledge.

“Bonsai Rendezvous” will be a celebration of our love for bonsai. The theme should portray the two-day event in October as a unique chance for renewal and celebration as we begin a return to normal where we can once again open our events to the public.

Read all about this event in the Rendezvous section of this website.