Our Mission, Activities and Services

GSBF, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) educational organization which provides services and activities promoting the wonderful art of bonsai. GSBF is made up of member clubs in California and affiliate clubs in the adjoining States.

Its Annual Convention gives “bonsai people” an opportunity to watch bonsai masters at work; to participate in hands-on instructor led workshops; to shop for plants, tools, pots, and other materials at the bazaar; compete in various contests, and to share in the friendly companionship of other bonsai enthusiasts.

Golden Statements Magazine, the official publication of GSBF, is printed four times each year with current bonsai articles and calendars of local club shows and events. The Bonsai Shopper is online and made available every other year and gives the locations of bonsai nurseries, sales outlets, names of teachers and demonstrators, and other pertinent data. The GSBF Clubs directory is online and provided to every member and affiliate club each spring and contains the names of all clubs, their contact persons, and the day, time, and location of club meetings in facilitating your visiting the many clubs.

Education is GSBF’s mission. As part of its educational efforts, the Federation awards grants to assist the clubs with programs and provides several categories of bonsai scholarships which are available to worthy individuals. There is also an internship program in which qualified students are given assistance to study with a bonsai master in Japan or elsewhere.
Workshops and demonstrations by visiting masters from all over the world are made available through various committees. A new Workshop Program provides financial aid to qualified clubs. The Lending Library contains valuable resource material in its collection of publications, books, slides, and video programs.

GSBF is working hard to maintain two permanent bonsai collections in Northern and Southern California – Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt and Bonsai Collection at The Huntington Botanical Gardens. GSBF can also provide important information on how to obtain reasonably priced liability insurance for member clubs. An Emergency Hot-Line is to provide a speedy way to reach other clubs with information on changes in scheduled events and meeting places, missing or stolen bonsai, and other emergencies.

Last but not least – Representation! Each of the five GSBF Districts is represented by two Trustees. In addition, there are four Trustees-At-Large. These Trustees are from member clubs and are available to attend club meetings, provide assistance requested by the clubs, and act as “grass roots” liaison with the Federation. Your Trustees and elected GSBF Officers are an open line of communication between all clubs and the Federation. Call on them for assistance! Let them know your problems! Share your concerns with them! The Trustees and GSBF Officers are all posted to the online GSBF Officers and Trustees directory and on the inside of each issue of Golden Statements Magazine.

GSBF is here to serve all clubs and you, the member!