Giving Campaign

GSBF Annual Giving Campaign GSBF has kicked-off its first ever annual giving campaign. You are asked for your support of the many activities of GSBF for this year and the years to come. As a friendly reminder, GSBF is a 501(3) C nonprofit corporation, incorporated in the state of California for an educational mission.

Your donations are tax deductible and donors may select the activity that their donations will support. This includes the GSBF General Fund, the Collection North, the GSBF Collection at the Huntington, or another designated fund. GSBF is all ready supported by many individuals, vendors, clubs, and fundraisers. But why continue to support GSBF? In fulfilling its educational mission, GSBF sponsors a number of activities throughout the year some of which has incurred growing financial obligations. We have recognized that GSBF needs to expand its services to keep up with the many changes occurring in the bonsai world. Won’t you please help? If GSBF ceases to exist today, will it affect you personally and your bonsai activities? The answer is definitely, yes.

There would be no yearly, world-class conventions with its camaraderie of old friends, the excitement of seeing great demonstrators, the wonderful workshops and the sheer fun. Vendors would also miss the marketing opportunity that a convention provides. There would be no Golden Statements that would tell us about the bonsai activities through out the state and fascinating bonsai articles – this publication is subsidized by GSBF. There would be no insurance plan for clubs that provide inexpensive liability coverage. There would be no scholarships and grants that enable worthy and dedicated individuals to enhance their teaching skills and to learn more about the design and care of bonsai in Japan. There would be no workshops using talented artist offered to clubs by GSBF for example, Kenji Miyata, Marco Invernezzi, and Walter Pall. There would be no Collection North and no GSBF Collection at the Huntington, the sites that provide a focus for the display of bonsai and education for the general public. These sites are heavily supported by GSBF.

They need your support for their endowment funds, for their curators and for maintenance of the collections. So you see, GSBF does bring tangible benefits to the bonsai community. We ask you to make a difference and to support GSBF in this annual giving campaign. By doing so, GSBF will be able to continue its services and increase activities for its family of clubs and individuals.

Our annual campaign has established the following contribution levels:

Supporter: $24 and under
Black Pine: $250 – $499
Gingko: $25-$49
Bronze: $500 – $999
Maple: $50-$99
Silver: $1,000 – $2,499
Juniper: $100 – $249
Gold: $2,500 and above

As an expression of appreciation, a donor pin for the levels of Gingko or higher will be mailed to you. A letter will acknowledge your tax deductible donation. These special pins were designed by noted graphic artist Fred Miyahara and are only available through your donations. We have included a donor form that must accompany your contribution. Do not hesitate. Fill out the donor form immediately and send it and your check to me. For your convenience, credit card payments are also accepted. Your donations are tax deductible. Be generous. It is for a good cause. I couldn’t wait. I have all ready written a check and sent it in. At this time, GSBF has also received a number of donations. Make a difference, make a contribution today clicking on this link to the Donation Form.