GSBF Workshop Program

General Concept

GSBF Workshop Program will provide funding directly to qualifying clubs for the purpose of reimbursing the clubs for the cost (up to $400 per club) of club workshops and other educational functions, such as seminars, demonstrations, and lectures. The primary goal of the Workshop Program is to provide funding to those clubs that due to either geographical or financial hardship have difficulty obtaining instructors for their club programs.


Any GSBF member club, including the affiliate clubs in the contiguous States, that is in good standing (current on membership dues), is eligible to participate in the Workshop Program. Individuals or a group of individuals that are not considered a “club” of GSBF, are not eligible to participate in this program. Eligible clubs may form a consortium of two or more clubs to apply for funding. A club may only receive funding once during a funding period.

Application Process

The application period for the first round of awards shall be October 1, 2012 to December 1, 2012. Applications received after December 1, 2012 will be considered during a second round of award funding if any Workshop Program funding remains. Clubs that have been awarded funding must use the money by June 1, 2013 or the funds will be withdrawn and become eligible for second round funding.

In instances of multiple club applications within a District, those clubs that are not funded during the first round will receive priority consideration for secondary rounds of funding. If after the initial application period has expired and funds remain undistributed per District, then any remaining funds shall be awarded on a non-District basis at the discretion of the Workshop Program Review Committee.

Clubs shall make application for Workshop Program funding through their District Trustee(s) by submitting a letter to one Trustee describing the following:

  1. The type of educational event the funding will be used for;
  2. When the event will occur;
  3. Where the event will occur;
  4. Who the instructor will be;
  5. The projected total cost for the event (can include instructor fees, travel and lodging expenses);
  6. The amount for funding (up to $400).

Affiliate clubs shall submit their letters of application to one of the four (4) Trustees-At-Large of their choice.

If a District Trustee is a member of the club making application then the application must be made through the other Trustee of the District. If both District Trustees are members of the club making application then the application shall be forwarded to the Editor of Golden Statements as an alternate.

Funding/Program Award Procedures

Funding, up to $400 per club, will be made on a District basis of up to $800 per District, with the affiliate clubs for the purposes of the Workshop Program being considered a separate District. The District Trustee shall forward the letter of application with their recommendations to the Workshop Program Review Committee for a final decision on the award of funding.

The Workshop Program Review Committee shall be the President of GSBF, the First Vice-President of GSBF, the Workshop Program Chairperson, the involved District Trustees, and the Editor of Golden Statements as an alternate.

The Editor of Golden Statements shall serve as an alternate Workshop Program Review Committee member under the following circumstances:

  1. When one or more of the other Committee members are unavailable to participate in consideration of the application letter, and
  2. When there is concern that the Trustee(s) of a District cannot render an impartial recommendation, or one or more of the other Committee members belong to the club that is under consideration for funding.

The Workshop Program Review Committee shall use to following guidelines for consideration of which clubs shall receive funding. A 100 point system shall be used.

0-50 points: Why a club needs assistance based on a description of the economic hardship (small membership) or geographical (remote distant from population centers) that make it difficult for the club on its own to secure outside instructors to further the club membership’s study of the art of bonsai.

0-50 points: How the club will use the funding, that is what type of educational experience will be provided and how the club members will benefit from this learning experience.

Required Performance Measures

In order to receive the reimbursement funding, the club must perform the following measures:

  1. The club must pay the instructor for his/her services and then submit proof of payment to GSBF, and
  2. The club must submit an article (including photographs) to the Editor of Golden Statements regarding the nature of the event and the instruction provided.

For Additional Information

Contact Workshop Program Chairperson Bob Hilvers at 559-909-1051 or