Harry Hirao Annual Scholarship

INTRODUCTION The purpose of the Harry Hirao Annual Scholarship (HHAS) is to provide a onetime grant of $1,500.00 to a worthy bonsai enthusiast. This money must be used for educational purposes in the art of bonsai within one year of receiving the scholarship. The recipient cannot use these funds to acquire bonsai, pots, tools, books, or other physical items; it is to be used to further education in bonsai by studying with a recognized bonsai artist.

APPLICATION An application must be submitted no later than midnight on July 15 to receive consideration. The application is to be submitted to the President of the Golden State Bonsai Federation.

The application must include, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the applicant.
  2. Primary bonsai club and club membership history.
  3. How many years of bonsai experience.
  4. In 500 words or less, applicant will describe their bonsai educational goals and why they should receive the HHAS.
  5. A brief description of how the funds will be used, and the person with whom the applicant will study.
  6. If awarded the HHAS, applicant agrees that all funds awarded will be expended prior to the following annual convention.
  7. Applicant will cooperate with and submit at least one article to the Golden Statements describing activities while using the HHAS funds, such as: demonstrations, workshops conducted or lectures given, and other actions with the bonsai teacher that increase skill and knowledge of bonsai. The deadline for submission of this article is July 20th following receipt of the scholarship.
  8. Verification by the applicant’s Club President of member in good standing with a GSBF Club.

SELECTION PROCESS HHAS Scholarship Committee will review all timely applications and verify eligibility. The selection committee will be made up of the GSBF President, Vice President, two board members appointed by the President, and the editor of Golden Statements. The selection committee’s decision is final and the award shall be given at the annual GSBF convention. If no application is deemed worthy, the committee reserves the right to not award the scholarship for that year.