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WHEN: OCTOBER 24-27, 2019


Marriot riverside at the convention center

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Taiga Urushibata began his bonsai studies with Mr. Kimura when he was 20 years old. He apprenticed for 6 years with Mr. Kimura then went back to his hometown of Shizuoka, Japan where he currently takes care of his father’s bonsai nursery and occasionally travels to do demonstrations and workshops. Since 2011 he’s traveled to Spain, France, China, Colombia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Taiwan and the USA. He is a Certified Lecturer of Nippon Bonsai Association and a Certified Instructor of Japan Shohin Bonsai Association.


Enrique Castaño was born in Mexico City, son of Guillermo Castaño, a well known sculptor and bonsai artist. Enriques passion for bonsai began at an early age. As a second generation bonsai artist, he chose to study biology and continue his studies until he had a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Biophysics in Rochester NY. He continued his research at Harvard University and then at the Marie Curie Research Institute in England. He returned to Mexico in 2002 and became head of a gene regulation Laboratory at the plant research Institute in Merida. He founded the Tropical Bonsai Society and has given lectures and demos in Mexico, USA, England, Czech Republic and Lithuania. In 2010 he was the chairman for FELAB and has organized 12 Bonsai conventions. His book Botany for bonsai, the science behind the art, has been well received and is in its second edition. He has obtained several awards including WBFF, Chase Rosade distinction award, John Naka award, Bonsai Olympics gold and silver awards, FEMEXBO award.


Ryan Bell is America's foremost expert on Japanese bonsai pots and also recognized as one of the top experts outside Japan. Ryan has devoted himself to the study of bonsai ceramics since 2011 and now travels across the US to lecture at various clubs and conventions. His stated mission is to "encourage appreciation of the art of bonsai pottery through accurate information, images, and history." His website, is the premier English-language resource for information on bonsai containers, featuring profiles of various potters, and the world's largest database of Japanese and Chinese kiln and potter marks relevant to bonsai. His database currently consists of nearly 800 different marks and ranges from kilns over 200 years old to contemporary potters. Ryan is also in the process of developing a similar database for Western ceramicists. This incredible resource is available for free and is constantly expanding and improving.


Kathy Shaner, David Nguy, Peter Macasieb, Lucy Judd, and Tak Shimazu


Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center
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Phone: (951) 784-8000

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