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Welcome!  This is your invitation to sell at the auction consignment.

Thank you for considering selling your trees (and other bonsai-related items) at the upcoming Bonsai Rendezvous 2023.    
The advantage to you – you can make some room, clear out the clutter, and best of all, make some extra money.   
There are two options when you choose to participate in the silent auction – 1) you can sell your items (and receive 70% of the highest bid and GSBF will receive 30%); or 2) you can donate the unwanted items to GSBF, and the proceeds of the sale go entirely to support bonsai in CA, NV and AZ (we will give you a tax-deductible receipt too).  
All items not claimed by the seller or buyer by 11:00 AM Sunday, October 22 will become property of GSBF.  
No matter the option you select, there will be some paperwork to fill out when you drop your item(s) off. If you select option one (consignment sales), you will need to have a desired price (what amount of money do you want to receive for your item; remembering the percentage split). It is good to have an idea of your lowest acceptable amount. i.e., if you are willing to accept less than the initial desired amount, in case the item does not sell. If we know your bottom dollar, this gives us flexibility for a “Let’s Make a Deal” option.    
Start identifying items you want to share with your community. Create a list with four columns.
1) Give the item a name 2) list what you think they should sell for 3) a much higher “Buy It Now” price and 4) the price you absolutely need them to sell for (your bottom dollar). While all paperwork will be completed at the event, you might want to download and complete the Consignee Registration Form. We will see you soon to fill out the forms together at the Bonsai Rendezvous 2023.   
This links to the Silent Auction Bid Form 
Remember the earlier you register and drop your items off in the silent auction area, the sooner they can go on sale. The silent auction begins on Friday morning. You are welcome to drop off your items starting on Thursday from noon until 7:00 p.m. The sooner you drop things off, the sooner they can receive bids.    
If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the Silent Auction chair – Thomas Bryan Nicholson 213.709.4171).    

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