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Insurance Overview

Liability insurance protects the club and its members, and association officials from financial loss due to unforeseen incidents that may develop into litigation against members and organizations. 

No matter how careful an organization is during general meetings, shows, bus trips, workshops, demonstrations, or any kind of activity, accidents can and do happen.

These insurance policies are available to GSBF member clubs for protection against litigation.


We require multiple application forms because GSBF uses 3 different insurance carriers to provide
the best possible protection and rates for our members.

Applications for 1 or more policy postmarked after March 1, 2024 are subject to a single late fee of $50 (except new member clubs.)


NOTE: Enrollment form(s) may be filled out and downloaded to your computer for printing.


Types of coverage:


General Liability  

• Covers your club for claims brought by third parties, such as visitors to your events.

• Club members are not covered for claims involving bodily injuries

• Covers only properties you rent to perform your operations.

• Includes legal defense coverage.


If you want you to cover club members, consider purchasing Volunteer Accident insurance.


The 2024 premium for General Liability Coverage is $150 for clubs which they have 50 members or less and for clubs more than fifty members is $3.00 per member, (e.g., If a club has 72 members, the cost is $216 [$3.00 x 72]). The coverage limit for General Liability is $1,000,000.



Directors and Officers Liability  


• Protects Directors and Officers against lawsuits alleging breach of fiduciary duty. Our coverage        limit for Directors & Officers is $1,000,000.


The 2024 premium for Directors & Officers Coverage is $250 per GSBF member club and is only open for purchase during the initial open enrollment period which ends April 30, 2024.


Club Member and Volunteer Accident


• Provides funds up to $25,000 per claim, to assist with insurance deductibles and other medical        related costs resulting from injuries occurring to club members and volunteers while performing       work related to bonsai club operations or participating in club sponsored events.


The 2024 premium is $150 for clubs with 50 members or fewer, and $3.00 per member for clubs with greater than fifty members, (e.g., If a club has 72 members, the cost is $216 [$3.00 x 72]).


Additional Endorsement


• For $155, your club can purchase an additional insured endorsement when specifically required      by a venue or agency.

To avoid unnecessary costs and prior to applying for additional insured coverage, please verify if the venue / organization requires proof of insurance or if the venue / organization must be specifically added to the insurance policy. 




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